Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy Coatings are great for many flooring applications. Epoxy floors can provide great aesthetics to any space that comes with many benefits. Some of the benefits epoxy coatings can provide are:

  • Easy to clean, chemical resistant, and seamless.
  • Available in endless colors, chips, polyaspartics, and high-performance topcoats.
  • Can be USDA compliant and more, being perfect for food/kitchen applications and processing manufactures.
  • UV Stable, non-yellowing, and Scratch resistant, great for residential garage flooring.
  • Can include 4-6″ integral wall cove bases for a smooth and easy to clean finish.
  • Can include slip resistant finishes, perfect for ensuring customer and employee safety.

Epoxy Floorings also include Urethane Cement finishes, moisture barriers and clear coats. These applications can withstand strong chemical and thermal attacks while being compliant to the necessary regulations making them great for any commercial needs.

Epoxy Certifications:


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