Concrete Polishing & Sealing

PacWest Polishing & Coatings has concrete polishing & sealing services for government, commercial, and residential needs.

Polishing and Sealing concrete is growing in popularity due to its rich look, durable surface, and low maintenance cost. Polishing and sealing concrete is a “green” method of densifying concrete to a high luster as our certified polishing and sealer systems are VOC compliant in any regulatory state. Unlike most commercial flooring such as VCT, carpet, and tile the overall cost to maintain is much less per square foot. Polished & sealed concrete also has a longer life than traditional commercial flooring options. Polish & sealed concrete can be stained to match your preferred color scheme, making it as visually appealing as it is economical.

Polished & Sealed Concrete Benefits:

  • Requires no waxing or other costly routine maintenance.
  • Has no unsanitary or unsightly grout lines.
  • The surface is more stable and can be slip resistant.
  • Stain and scratch resistant also can strengthen the existing concrete.
  • Can include stencils of logos or designs for added aesthetics.

Polished & Sealed Concrete Sheen Levels:

We can achieve different ranges of aggregate exposure and different levels of sheen, from matte to a glossy mirror-like finish. The Concrete Polishing Association of America classifies finished gloss levels in ranges from 1 through 4 and aggregate exposures as A, B, C or D, depending on the degree of exposure.

Level 1 (flat)

A level 1 grind can be obtained by stopping below or at the 100-grit resin grind. When you look directly down at the floor, it will appear smooth but with little if any clarity or reflection producing a flat finish. This first level of a polish is what would be considered a sealed concrete finish.

Level 2 (satin)

A level 2 honed polish is obtained by stopping at the 400-grit resin bond, producing a low-sheen finish. When you look directly down at the finished floor or at an angled distance, you can start to see a slight overhead reflection. This grit level produces a low-luster matte/satin finish.

Level 3 (semi-polished)

A level 3 polish is achieved by going up to an 800-grit or higher diamond abrasive. The surface will have a much higher sheen than that of level 2 finish, and you’ll start to see good light reflectivity.

Level 4 (highly polished)

This level of polish produces a high degree of shine, so that when standing directly over the surface, you can see your reflection with strong clarity. Also, the floor appears to have that wet look when viewed from different angles. A level 4 polish is obtained by going up to a 1500 to 3,000-grit resin-bond diamond or by burnishing the floor with a high-speed burnisher outfitted with specialty buffing pads.

Level 2 Polish for West Coast Exotics including a stained stencil with their logo

Level 3 polish with a stencil design for a Petco

Modern home with our natural polish system

Stained brown polish system for an industrial kitchen customer

Level 3 Polish for a Safeway

Polish & Sealer Certifications